Friday, February 5, 2010

Gecko Green Playroom

Whoa!  Put on your painting overalls kiddos…it’s going to be a bumpy paint job!!!

Oh but we had soooo much fun!

So I went stir crazy one day.  Realized for many reasons that the boys bedroom and playroom needed to switched.  It caused quite an upstir in the Millard home for a whole afternoon.  But, got it done.

Now, the bedroom looked nicer, painted nursery room with Jesus pictures and coordinating curtains, and it is the warmest room in the house :) for my boys to be snuggly the rest of winter (what is left).

But, the playroom is just white walls and a whole bunch of toys.  Thinking…a can of paint and a project for the boys.  This will be fun…

It started with Boo OPENING THE PAINT CAN BY HIMSELF WITH A SPOON WITHOUT ME NOTICING!!!!  He was ready to go, and I was trying to get there, but not fast enough for him apparently.  Ok, ok.  No biggie.  Let’s get started.  Took pj’s off and we were running with paint brushes.  Literally. 

Quite fun.  The boys enjoyed it for like ten minutes.  Boo then said, “take a break.”  Hilarious, just like a man.  Just as I finished that wall and went to the next wall…here they come again to paint. 

Funniest part is that I really had to be on top of them watching how much paint got on the brushes, wiping the floors that got totally splattered, and constant reminding of what they should be painting (not the window, or window sills, or doors, or trim).  Eli “handed” me a booger.  I thought, “I will just wipe this on my pants and keep on going.”  But, nope!  This one was a doozie.  It was gross.  Needed to wash this one off.  Seriously.  Quick run to bathroom in 5 seconds (how much damage could they do, right?).  Boy howdy…Eli was painting the actual window after I noticed he had painted some of the trim as well…I turn and Boo is painting the closet doors.  Good gravy!!!!  I was gone 5 seconds!  REALLY?  Quick fix with a wet towel that was VERY handy.  Finished by another reminder of what the painting rules were…you know…just in case another booger came along.

Boo, called himself a “bad guy” for doing it.  Probably because when he does something good we call him the “super hero.”  So, I had to tell him it was just his super hero side that made a small mistake that could be fixed.  He then said he needed a break.  I hope my super hero isn’t crushed :( 

The whole experience was my highlight today.  I survived it.  The whole house is not gecko green, thank heavens.  And the boys mostly enjoyed it.  Why gecko green, you ask?  Well, Boo is liking green.  It is their playroom after all….it’s not so bad.  It’s growing on me.  Why didn’t Eli pick a color, you ask?  Well, he didn’t care when picking the paint he just wanted to push the shopping cart around.  Understandable….

So there you go!  Now…tomorrow…they are making some artwork on canvas’ to hang up in there.  I am excited and will share that tomorrow…even baby Sam has a canvas for foot and hand prints.  It will be awesome! 




  1. What a fun color! And you are so much braver than I would be.

  2. It looks great!! I can't wait to see it with the artwork.
    You are a brave woman!

  3. I *love* the "technique" !!!!

  4. You got more help out of them then you would have out of me. I HATE painting. But you already knew that....

    I love that picture of them standing side by side. We'll have to get a print of that and hang it in there too :-)

  5. Just to tell you this popped up when I put playrooms on google images. Some pedophile could easily look that picture up... that is scary.


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