Thursday, December 10, 2009

I failed to mention…

My hubby, without any complaints I have to add, helped me start my project of cleaning the garage! 

This will make the van warmer in winter, and give me a space to give myself some dance classes.


So…its raining and pouring

Yeah, been a bad day. 

But, I found one small thing that felt huge in my heart.

As explained before, the day has been rough, in the afternoon after no one would take a nap, not even baby Sam, I decided to hold him in my arms and start dinner.  Eli was watching tv, and Josh was under my feet driving a train. 

I kept flustering around the kitchen working with no energy and one arm, as the other one was holding baby Sam.  I have a recycling grocery sack on garage door in kitchen to hold recycling things until it’s full and gets put in the big bin outside.  I kept trying to put this empty can in the sack with one arm.  It kept falling, of course.  After the third time it fell from my attempts…I took a deep sigh and decided to let it go and leave it on the floor.  Maybe…I will pick it up later, maybe.  I go back to the stove to tend to dinner.

And I saw my sweet little Josh stop what he was doing, pick up the can, and put it in the recycling.  I didn’t tell him to.  He just did it.  My precious boy.  My one moment. 

I have found at times, when I am frustrated, instead of screaming and getting angry I will sigh as if I am totally defeated and giving up.  When I do this, I get amazing results from my children.  They truly do want to help and not be the crazy little tazmanian devils that they can be.  Maybe I should give up more easily :) in the future.

Thanks Boo, mommy loves you

Put your seatbelts on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

Oh dear.  I know this is suppose to be one good thing for the day, but….

It’s only ten o’clock – It’s really cold outside like five degrees, I go to take my four year old to school and try to pull van door open so that I can pile the kiddos in, and it won’t budge.  Yes, I put all my weight into it, and wouldn’t you know the handle pops off and I land straight on my backside.  There goes my chiropractic work for the week that I had done on Tuesday.  Well, it did last a good day for me.

So off to school, yep, late.  They are not piling kids out of the car anymore.  I have to bring in all 3 kids in this really cold weather and a broken door that wont open, so after a deep deep sigh, holding back tears, I start with Josh out the passenger door.  Take him to the door.  Get Eli out, who just is screaming “Bye Boo have a good day at school!  Go home, mama!”  So, yep, he doesn’t want to get out….got him to the door with a small struggle and some coaxing….now the baby.  Will it ever end?   Just as I turn to get baby Sam out a lady comes to the door.  Ms. Mendy says, “you know its been a rough morning, I will take him in.”  THANK YOU!!

Now, pile Eli back in the van, yep in passenger door, do some more acrobatic tricks to get back there with him to buckle him in, and head off.  I have to admit, being totally honest, was balling my eyes out like a baby at this point. 

You see, my winter coat got ruined in the basement.  So was doing all this in a tiny little fleece jacket.  And, yep, I have this perpetual cold since this is my four year olds first year of preschool.  We are ALWAYS sick, me mostly. 

As I am typing this I spill my drink all down the front of my sweater…my husband says at this point the day has to get better…

At this point, I beg to differ

Somehow, I will promise myself that this will not be the only post I do today because there will be one good thing that will come out of today.  Just has to.  One small little thing, please Heavenly Father?

Monday, December 7, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a mommy chair

So I have had 3 babies. 

The first baby, I got a new rocker.  Loved it.  An overstuffed one with an ottoman.  It started to squeak and not quite work right.  Then, yep, someone who shouldn’t have sat in it and demolished it.

I made it last as long as I could.  Through most of baby 2.

Baby 3 comes along.  Scraping the money jar, I go to a garage sale and get a ten dollar VERY used reclining rocker for $10.  THRIFTY!!!  Then that same “someone” sits in it and breaks it!!!!   AAAAHHHHHRRRGGGGHHHH!

All I want for Christmas is a mommy chair.  Overstuffed, rocking, reclining, soft, amazing chair.

We received a Christmas money gift.  Dave says without hesitation…”I think you need to get a mommy chair.”


3 days later, and a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart…I buy a mommy chair.  It was on a closeout sale, and it’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  It has made my day, week, and year! 

Thanks Santa, well, Dave, and Papa and Urder!!!