Monday, December 7, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a mommy chair

So I have had 3 babies. 

The first baby, I got a new rocker.  Loved it.  An overstuffed one with an ottoman.  It started to squeak and not quite work right.  Then, yep, someone who shouldn’t have sat in it and demolished it.

I made it last as long as I could.  Through most of baby 2.

Baby 3 comes along.  Scraping the money jar, I go to a garage sale and get a ten dollar VERY used reclining rocker for $10.  THRIFTY!!!  Then that same “someone” sits in it and breaks it!!!!   AAAAHHHHHRRRGGGGHHHH!

All I want for Christmas is a mommy chair.  Overstuffed, rocking, reclining, soft, amazing chair.

We received a Christmas money gift.  Dave says without hesitation…”I think you need to get a mommy chair.”


3 days later, and a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart…I buy a mommy chair.  It was on a closeout sale, and it’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  It has made my day, week, and year! 

Thanks Santa, well, Dave, and Papa and Urder!!!


  1. :-)

    maybe one you'll let me sit it in

    (btw I am not "someone")

  2. Yay for the mommy chair!!!


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