Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beautiful beautiful beautiful Baby Boys

Ok, I cannot or will not lie about today.  There is no sugar coating here.  Was not a good day for me.  I am not sure anything was different…I just couldn’t handle the noise or the schedule today.  It was me. 


I have 3 beautiful boys.  Each one of them gave me a tender moment.  That is what I want to hold onto for today.

ELI- we went to wal-mart today.  We HAD to get chocolate milk.  He wanted down.  It is just us, well baby Sam too, but he doesn’t move on me much.  So, I let him down to wander while I follow.  Usually, we go to toys.  But, today (I should mention here, it is a new big wal-mart for us) he went to side section where they keep plants and gardening stuff on the side.  Today, they had Christmas trees and decorations.  Eli, went right to the trees with a big smile on his face, “Look it, ma!,” and started spinning around to the Christmas music that was playing.  What a sweetheart.

SAM- sometimes we get to talk while I change his diaper.  I goo over him and he wiggles his eyebrows with a smile.  Today, i gooed and he did it right back at me with an amazing smile that said, “Yes, I am amazingly cute, ma!”

JOSH- Nine o’clock and daddy is still not home from a church meeting.  Yes, I am done.  So what do I do?  As usual, cry.  Defeated.  I have my eyes closed sitting on the edge of my bed holding Sam, crying, Josh is wiping my tears with the edge of my blanket and says, “Mommy, your eyes are too wet,” with a sweet smile that says it’s ok.

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL baby boys I love you dearly!


  1. What sweet memories to have from all three of your babies.
    I love that you have the presence of mind to write them down, and know that they really are blessings!!

    My one thing today:
    I'm so grateful for migraine medication. Yes, I can finally THINK again.

  2. Many, many times it has been my 15 yr old son that has been the one thing in the day that makes the day better. The other day as I was finishing homework he came over, gave me a hug, and said he would do the dishes so that I could get my homework finished before going to my exercise class.

  3. i'm sorry i was late.

    when i leave, i tell josh "take care of your mommy."

    i'm grateful he listens to me :-)

    (at least when i say that)

  4. Hi, just stopped in from Randi's blog.

    As dad of a thirteen year old daughter my one thing always seems to revolve around her. Today she actually admitted that she loved me and I didn't even have to twist her arm this time.

    She wont let me kiss her but she does take my hand when we walk to school. Life is good.

  5. Well hello Nat!! I love the theme of your blog. It's so very important to pay attention. There really is so much beauty in all of it, even the hardest of days. Somehow, focusing on these tender moments changes everything. It's what keeps me going. I'm sure your focus on doing that will inspire a lot of people to do the same. That rocks.

    What sweet boys you have!

  6. Awwww kids can be soooooo sweet!!! Love it!

  7. Awwww!!! Makes me miss the days when my babies were actual babies :)

    Hang in there, Ma!


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