Thursday, December 10, 2009

So…its raining and pouring

Yeah, been a bad day. 

But, I found one small thing that felt huge in my heart.

As explained before, the day has been rough, in the afternoon after no one would take a nap, not even baby Sam, I decided to hold him in my arms and start dinner.  Eli was watching tv, and Josh was under my feet driving a train. 

I kept flustering around the kitchen working with no energy and one arm, as the other one was holding baby Sam.  I have a recycling grocery sack on garage door in kitchen to hold recycling things until it’s full and gets put in the big bin outside.  I kept trying to put this empty can in the sack with one arm.  It kept falling, of course.  After the third time it fell from my attempts…I took a deep sigh and decided to let it go and leave it on the floor.  Maybe…I will pick it up later, maybe.  I go back to the stove to tend to dinner.

And I saw my sweet little Josh stop what he was doing, pick up the can, and put it in the recycling.  I didn’t tell him to.  He just did it.  My precious boy.  My one moment. 

I have found at times, when I am frustrated, instead of screaming and getting angry I will sigh as if I am totally defeated and giving up.  When I do this, I get amazing results from my children.  They truly do want to help and not be the crazy little tazmanian devils that they can be.  Maybe I should give up more easily :) in the future.

Thanks Boo, mommy loves you


  1. those little guys can really take you by surprise :-)

  2. I'm so impressed at your ability and desire to find the good things. way to go, nat!


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