Monday, September 27, 2010

This or That…..

So I woke up this morning.  Like I have to every morning.  It’s Monday.  My kiddo’s were all sick last night.  The not so fun kind of sick.  You know….the kind where you need bowls, changes of clothes, and lots of wipes, some bathing is involved, and you should be wearing a clothes pin on your nose. 

So…when I woke up this particular Monday morning.  I am not excited.  Feeling very cranky.  Thinking I am going to get nothing done but hold little people and swab the deck all day. 

Then I made a very VERY conscious decision. 

Instead of “this” I am going to think “that”.  Here is how it went….

This – I have sick children to tend to all day

That – I have children!  Beautiful, amazing, wonderful children of my very own to care for!

This – Frozen corndogs for lunch?! Ick…no, double ick!

That – I have something to eat!  Even better, it comes on a stick.  No mess to clean up!  Ingenious

This – My house is a disaster.  I need/have to clean up….dishes, toys, laundry….you get it

That – I have an able body to do these chores!  And one more better, I have a house to clean!  I might say, casually, that I want a cardboard box to live in with no worries, but secretly, that is not true at all!

This – I need to make dinner for hubby.

That – I have a hubby who comes home to me!  And I have food to cook for him.

I know it may seem silly.  But, it got me through the day that seemed so terrible to face when I first got up.  And to think, I chose to do this all day in my brain is a miracle in itself.  I really need to do this more often.  Would help my sanity and improve my attitude. 

Dave Walters, this is for you.  But, mostly for me :) Thanks friend


  1. so smart!!
    You are a great example!

  2. I thing President Monson would approve of this message. :)

  3. my one thing yesterday was snuggling a sick little baby so he could go to sleep.

    instead of
    "i am exhausted and wish i could go to bed"

    it was

    "I'm so glad i can hold my baby so he and mommy can get the sleep they need."

    ps, sorry i woke you this morn :-(

  4. This was so awesome - thank you for sharing and setting a wonderful example!
    What an inspiration you are!


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