Monday, February 1, 2010

Boo bear is a Big boy!!!


So, now I have to put on another brave hat…it’s time for Boo to ride the bus. 

When it was first offered to me, by the school, my first reaction was, “No way!”  I appreciate having to get out of my pajamas and get everyone ready for the day before like noon.  REALLY appreciate the motivation.  And I absolutely enjoy dropping off my sweet Boo at the front door of school with a kiss and a have a good day knowing that he is going in safely.

Well, David looked at me cross-eyed…so…ok….I would also appreciate not having to get Eli and Sam out twice a day in just a couple of hours four times a week.  That is hard work.  My van door is busted and Sam’s car seat has to go ALL the way in the back of the van.  Back breaking.  I also warmed up the car twice a day which is eating up precious gas.  Speaking of gas, this would also save me gas.  But, I only want to do it if Boo does…

So Dave always says, ask Boo, and if he doesn’t like it or you don’t like it then we stop doing it.  He does this, I know, he knows that it will be just fine and it’s the only way he can talk me into doing these torturous things to my poor mommy  heart.  This I also appreciate.

So, Boo…do you want to ride the school bus to school instead of mommy driving you?  His response, “The bus that goes bumpety bump?”  Of course…I knew what was coming…”YES!”  My heart shatters into a million pieces and melts down to the pit of my stomach sizzling in my stomach acids (yuck).  But, that is how it feels to me. 

So Monday, pack him up, get him ready, and there is the dreaded bus at my driveway.  Boo, is soooo excited, but I can tell he is not sure, just because it is his first time.  The first time for me to ask Boo to do anything new makes me worry until I know he likes it.  So all morning I stew…is he ok?  did he get there? will he like it?  did he cry?  was he scared?


As I think of all these things I remember that I didn’t say a prayer with him (which is something I do every morning in the car on the way to school).  Yep, you guessed it, I start balling at this revelation.  I didn’t pray for his safety, or for God to be with him in this new experience…how could I have done that? 

I quickly say a prayer to myself through tears.  And cry till he gets home.  He gets off with a smile :)  He loves the bus.  Of course, he does.  Now, tomorrow just have to remember to pray before he walks out the door.  He is more precious than gold, and much braver than myself. 

Boo you are a big boy!  But, don’t forget your mommy loves you and worries about you all the time because you mean the world to me!!


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  1. Yeah, he looked a little unsure :-) I'm so glad he loves it so much though :-)


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