Thursday, February 4, 2010

My date with my sweet Eli – aka ie


My sweet two year old.  He has been having a rough time.  It seems everyone gets shuffled now and again with five of us in the house, and it’s hard to get everyone’s wants let alone needs met.  So poor Eli…

Josh has started riding the school bus this week.  Of course, being the younger brother, Eli wants to ride it too.  But, Eli doesn’t go to school, yet.  He cried almost every morning to go bye-bye on the bus.  It breaks my heart.

So, I thought….Eli and I need special time….hmmmm

I don’t have money…and I have baby Sam.  Dave has been extra busy with work and church lately….so what do I do?

We, as a family, went to the new big library.  Got library cards, and I noticed they have toddler story time.   We do story time at our little library close to the house, but we checked out some movies that need to be returned on Thursday….

There you go, we go to the library for story time when baby Sam is his happiest (in the morning) listen to story time and check out a train movie just for my sweet Eli.  But, don’t you know I didn’t stop there.  Literally across the sidewalk, on the way to the parking garage is a Chipotle.  Eli and I love Chipotle (taco burrito stuff, Eli and I particularly like the guacamole and chips) and I treated us also to a coke (also something Eli and I thoroughly enjoy). 

Yes, I have noticed that Eli and I are way too much alike.  I LOVE it!

We sit down together to enjoy a wonderful early lunch, and finish just in time to go to the car to nurse baby Sam (while Eli drives the car) and then to return home to get Boo off the bus from school.

To top off the date with a cherry…Eli and Sam both fall asleep in the car, and stay asleep for two hours.  It even gave me some time to snuggle Boo when he got home to eat lunch and start a movie. 

So really quality time with everyone today.  But, very special time with my sweet Eli.  He is my mess maker, outside voice, strong willed middle child.  But, I love him dearly.  He is tender and sweet with a heart melting smile.  I am going to have to commit to doing this more for all of my children. 

Eli you are the bestest!  I love you.



  1. Sounds like very enjoyable for all of you. I am sure your little ones appreciate the special time you spend with them.

  2. that ie cracks me up. I'm so glad you two got to spend quality time together, you both need it :-)


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