Monday, January 25, 2010

Give credit where credit is due…

To that man of mine. 

I have to say I kind of let my hubby have it on Saturday.  I was just fed up.  I have been feeling sick lately, a lot sick for a long time…and we all know how hard it is to be a mom.  When you’re a mom of little kiddos you just can’t take a sick day.  I have been sick for 3 weeks now!  Boy, am I done. 

I have also been thinking that lately I have been very generous to let David do things that he wants to do, and I TRY to allow and not complain later.  I know it’s silly, but even on days he needs to work late.  Yes, I feel like I give permission for that :), but we all know he does it cause he has to. 

By Saturday, I had had enough.  I needed, desperately, a break.  A small amount of time when no one was asking for chocolate milk, climbing on me, whining, fighting, pooping….well, you get it.

Of course, before I left I just gave it to my hubby.  How unfair and imbalanced things seemed to me.  I told him EXACTLY how I felt.  And that wasn’t fair either.

My hubby tries soooo hard.  He is really starting to get how things are with me, what is important, and how to keep me happy…mostly.  But, you know, enough was enough. 

Now, I don’t know how long it will last, but the rest of the weekend the dishes were caught up and the house was picked up.  Hmmmm, nice!  He even finished fixing the bathroom sink and really helped out with the boys when things got hairy. 

I’d like to think this to last forever…probably not.  But, I know that his intentions are good and that he loves me tenderly.

So, hubby, here is your credit…thank you.  I did notice.  I do appreciate you listening to me.  I do love the man that you are becoming for this family and its needs.  Mostly, I love you tenderly back.  Know that EVERYTHING I do is for you and these precious boys of ours.  I may get fed up with my job, but I LOVE, ADORE, and TREASURE my job and life now.  I really do.  I would never in a million decades trade my life for some recreation and sleep.  EVER!!! 


  1. you are too sweet :-)

    i plan to keep the dishes thing going, unless i get sick. then all bets are off :-)

    i love you too honey!!

  2. When I feel like you feel (and it happens a lot), Matt reminds me to not keep score. He's right, it's not constructive nor productive. Can't figure out why I do that. Good for your hubby to do what mine so often has-- taking an undeserved complaint and reacting to it with humility and service.


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