Friday, January 22, 2010

Dr. Millard and Dr. Millard….

My boys are wonderful.  As if you haven’t figured that out by now….

I had to take baby Sam in today for his four month shots.  The boys came with me.  Surprisingly enough…they were amazing! 

Eli played with micromachine cars on the floor and Josh…well, here it comes…the point of this blog…

Josh, aka Dr. Millard, goes to help himself to the latex gloves, that were a fun color of purple, proceeds to put them on and “takes care of” the patient…Sam.

Baby Sam loves this.  Smiles right at him.  And our family doc liked it too. 

Then the fun part is over, and I warn the boys that baby Sam is about to get his shots.  That they will hurt him, but we do it so he won’t get sick. That we will take care of him today because of it.  Pretty much saying we all have to be brave.

The two nurses come in to do the job….started to get their latex gloves, and here come my boys jumping right in.  They both dive into the latex gloves and start prepping with the nurses.  Ready to take care of our baby Sam. 

Josh tells him it will be ok, and Eli…well, it takes him quite a while to get his glove on.  By the time he figures it out and gets it on the whole thing is over. 

I quickly pick up baby Sam to hold him tight and calm him down. 

Dr. Millard and Dr. Millard both come over and give him a kiss on the head.  Just what the doctor ordered!

My boys are amazing, precious, sweet, loving, kind, and wonderful.  I want them to know that we will always take care of each other because that is what we have here on Earth and forever….each other.  I am so very proud of them.  They take care of each.  Yes, an occasional fight here and there, but the majority of the time it is LOVE here.  It makes me so proud to be their mom.  Maybe someday I might actually have a doctor in the family too :)


  1. I love those little moments that tell me I might be doing a good job.
    Way to go, momma!

  2. Cute story They sound like great kids. Good job, mom.


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