Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scary Guys

You guessed it….what?  Another crazy morning and I didn’t get breakfast.  I am already seeing a reoccurring theme here.  So no breakfast and it is Ooey Gooey day at preschool.  Families are invited, and I totally have to go and play with Josh at school.  I have to admit I knew it would be crazy going to a school activity at school with Eli and baby Sam too, but why be sane? 

I spent all morning playing with pumpkins, bowling for ghosts, reading stories, and drinking apple juice while nursing a baby and tending to, yet again, a cranky Eli who didn’t eat breakfast either.  It was fun to see my sweet Josh be so independent, though.  And, as a proud mommy would say, I thought he behaved really well. 

But, at the end of the activities, Josh got a special box with Halloween goodies inside.  You can imagine the jealousy of Eli.  He was beside himself to not get a box.  Why didn’t everyone get one you ask?  Me too?  Seemed a little unfair, but what can you do?  Josh wasn’t too keen on the idea of sharing his special box either.  He was eyeballing that thing in his to go home box the whole last hour of school.  So, I don’t blame him. 

I try everything to bribe Eli.  Yes, I will go to the store and get Eli a special box.  It’s only fair, he was good at school today, too.  Didn’t exactly work.  What am I going to do?  And money to get a box?  Well, it was a dilemma…

Here comes the good moment, I promise…

Not trying to dwell on bad, but for this story, you kind of need a little background to get the aaaahhhhh moment….I think.

Mee-maw sent a Halloween treat in the mail.  Thank you mee-maw.  She saves the day!  I do have to mention here, it is two o’clock in the afternoon, and I still haven’t eaten. 

In the mail, she sent scary guys (this is what Josh calls skeletons) she made for the boys.  For the moment, Josh is elated, Eli content, and Sam well…he sleeps a lot.  But, what was good about my day today was that there was $5 in a card for me.  Yes, she said to get a bag of candy for me to not be left out on Halloween.  But, I got my first dollar double stacker from McDonalds (and yeah, kinda addicted to them now) and a dollar fry for me and Josh.  Eli finally falls asleep. 

There is my moment of the day.  A double stacker from McDonalds unexpectedly with some super sweet scary guys that are fun to dance around with, and swing with, or sleep with.  Thanks mee-maw!

IMG_1972 IMG_1971IMG_1970


  1. These scary guys are pretty awesome :-)

  2. You're making me hungry! The oatmeal and flax I ate this morning could never compare to a double stacker. EVER.

  3. That was a great day!!!! Love the special surprises in the mail!


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