Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s Halloween

Come on, it’s Halloween…any day you can dress up your kiddos and get free candy is a good day.  Yeah, it was crazy and hectic at times.  But, we went to the Solars for a kid friendly party and trick or treating.  Josh ate dinner!  This is a big deal.  My fav moments were when Eli, in his very shy voice, going up to the door and saying trick or treat for candy, and Josh plowing his friends down to be first at the door.  My perfect little guys!  It was a good day. 

IMG_1975 IMG_1973



  1. It sure is special to watch these guys grow up. I remember how Josh was so tentative and reserved when we started Trick or Treating last year. Not any more :-)

  2. LOL about them trying to open the door themselves!

    Grown-ups are so slow, aren't the?

  3. My one thing for the day --
    My Lizzie turned 18 yesterday, and for her birthday, we watched home movies of her second birthday party. We laughed until our cheeks hurt...
    I am so so proud of the person that she has become, and so humbled to be her mom.

  4. (I'm a friend of Dave's on FB. Just f.y.i.) :D

    That was so cute!! I love that they tried to open the door themselves. Awe..some.

    My one thing...My 1 year old grabbed my face in his hands today and kissed me for a minute straight,then hugged me tight. :)

  5. Found you through Randi. I love seeing little kids trick-or-treat. It's the redeeming part of the otherwise irritating holiday:)

  6. I came over from randi's blog.

    I was so sad--only had 8 - 10 trick or treaters. I still remember when one of my older children was little and just walked right in to someone's house ; )

    I talked to one of my older children on the phone and laughed hearing about my grandkids going trick or treating--MADE MY DAY.

  7. Natalie - I *love* the blog! It's a wonderful outlet, I love mine! Enjoy!

  8. I found your blog through Randi's blog. What a great idea. Thank you for the reminder that we can always find at least "one thing" everyday to be thankful for or that makes us smile. Mine for today was my exercise class.


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