Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh Sweet Fall


So, today is very hectic, well….that is how I see it.  To my boys, it’s always a busy day.  What I have noticed is even at their busiest moments they can stop at the drop of a hat and completely enjoy something sweet and beautiful like fall.  I am crazily putting my boys into the car, all three of them, to get Josh to school on time (no small feat ever for me).  As I am herding them to stop playing around, or being busy, I look over at Josh, and he is standing under our cherry willow tree watching the leaves fall down on him with the sweetest smile.  This was my tender moment for the day.  I even took a moment to watch and talk about the leaves with him, and surprisingly we still made it to school just in the nick of time.  Thanks sweet boo, for helping mommy enjoy something so simply sweet.  I did try to capture the moment later with my camera, not exactly the same, but still fun. 

 IMG_1937 IMG_1956


  1. I'm glad you are here now :-) I've made some great friends through my blog, and I am sure you will too :-)

    Here's to me being the subject of a few of these posts!!

  2. YAY! You're here! Welcome to the blogosphere, and I LOVE your blog already!!


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